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Default I need help. Bike Running too rich?

Hey Guys

I just recently installed a flying horse motor which i purchased from Bike Berry. I installed everything thing and she runs and idles(after a lot of tweaking) but it seems the bike is not running right. First off I think the bike is running too rich, below are pictures of the spark plugs I installed on to the bike(Not plug chopped, after normal riding). The bike also sounds "rough" Here is a link to a you tube video of the bike with the motor running. The You Tube Link

Here are the things that I have done so far to make it run less rich and to smooth things out.

1. I opened the carb and took the side clip with the C Clip on it and I set it to the leanest mix. Here is the guide that I used Carb Guide

2. I adjusted the float inside of the carb and lowered it....twice. Not sure if I should lower it any more.

3. I replaced the stock wire and boot with a new wire and boot. It has a copper core(Stranded wire) with a coil inside the boot.

4. I gaped the spark plugs to all different sizes. 0.020, 0.025, and 0.030. Setting the spark plug gap to the smaller sizes seemed to help a little(with spark plug color still oily though) but the engine didn't feel as "smooth".

5. Used different spark plugs namely the NGK BP6HS and the NGK B6HS.

6. Used a leaner fuel mixture. Instead of the 16:1 in the manual its running on 32:1 fuel mix. So I mixed 4oz( half a cup ) of oil to 1 Gal of gas exactly. I also replaced the plug with a new one afterwards. Included pictures below.

7. Used different types of oil. At first I used Outboard 2 Cycle oil( I was told this was the best to use). Then I switched to Universal 2 Cycle Engine oil( Currently in the bike). Pictures below.

8. I messed around with the Idle scew. It seemed to only help the idle though. Which is to be expected I guess. I included a picture of it below anyway.

I'm not sure what to do next really. I also read that in some article that it's good if the plug is dark and oily. I'm not to sure about that though. I believe its supposed to be a brow/tan color? Let me know what you guys think and any help would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks.

BP6HS Gap = 0.030

B6HS Gap = 0.025 (I rubbed some of the oil off it on accident)

Idle Screw

Previous Oil

Current Oil

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