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Default Re: riddle me this...

Re: riddle me this...

I see you're going to get some aluminum chainrings from Andy so you must be pretty weight conscious.

How much weight do the holes in that lever save? Enough to off set the weight of Titanium studs for the tires?

By the way, riding while snowing. Unless you ride fast enough for the snow to blow off that weight can add up kinda fast.

Guess I'd better try and get my tongue out of my cheek. It might get stuck.

Yes, way back in 1987, when I was a teenager, I drilled the heck out of my MTB levers in a physics experiment. The holes are not for weight savings, they disperserse the air molecules that pass through them to react with ground snow molecules, disrupting their polarity, thereby causing snow to blow out of the way, fully negating the need for snow tires altogether. They worked so well, I never threw them away, and I incorporated them on this project.

They also work as deer horns

So, while you spend an afternoon drinking beer and shredding your hands inserting steel screws into an old tire to save a buck or two, I will be out riding, sans sheet metal screws sticking through my tires and wearing out in ten miles cause I was too cheap to buy titanium.

To insinuate I did that to save weight is ridiculous. Considering the bike weighs 45.45 kilograms, and I weigh 60 kilograms, assuming a 3000 kilowatt output, the weight savings of the 30 grams would represent an overall wattage per kilogram increase of 0.008 watts per kilograms (28.457w/kg versus 28.449w/kg). That would be just downright silly

Even the aluminium spockets would only represent a power benefit of 0.1224 watts/kilogram, still not hardly worth the $150 or so to buy them.

As you can clearly see, it is not the weight savings that make the spockets faster, it is the circa 1990 shameless purple anondizing which produces the speed. That, and the fact that Andy's CNC machine will make sprockets more "in-round" than my hand held cordless drill will allow me to set holes in.

You sir, clearly have called my bluff.

As a prize, am sending you my nine pound chinese rear 44 tooth drive sprocket, so you can hang it around your neck like an olympic medal while you ride since weight so clearly doesnt matter.
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