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Default Re: RAW engines - 80cc? Designed in America?

I have an early Dax, it is still the best running engine. I heard someone say their Dax was the smoothest, and yes that is the most important aspect of one of these little engines. If the engine shakes it self to pieces (and the bike with it), the engine will not last. I would have never thought that there would be so much difference in these little motors, and believe me it is not just the CC's. I have the Dax in the Green Hornet and I need to move it over to my best most beloved Schwinn. (my avatar) The engine in the Schwinn is from Kings, it is a good engine but not as smooth, and gears scream loud. I bought a Revolution bottom end and was going to use a top end I have done a lot of porting on, but the block had a short rod (OH NO) well I had bought a top end from Kings on a Ebay sale, and when I checked, it had a lower piston pin location (Saved) so be careful if you buy extra parts. I'm with Duane these 2 strokes are a blast, I have a Whizzer and I love it, but I did not build it, it is heavy but I love the sound. On my latest rides I lend the Whizzer to a friend and I ride my Happy Time bike. LOL. Have fun, Dave
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