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Default Re: RAW engines - 80cc? Designed in America?

From my Research, the original Design for these engines came from Eastern Europe. Asia copies many designs out of Europe. You can get some Awesome KTM Copies out of Asia. As for originality.. I do not think so. For Example, If you look at the 60's twin engines from Kawasaki, you can clearly see they are British copies. The Asians have some original designs. But they have a lot of copies as well. A lot. And these little 2 stroke engines are very similar to the Eastern European designs from the late 50's and early 60's. If you can find a Russian bicycle engine, you will see they are very similar and I am sure was the basis for the current Asian design. They are getting better and better every year. With the dollar getting stronger, the price should remain the same while quality continues to go up. I have to admit.. These little 2 strokes are a blast !!! Enjoy the ride....