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Default Havent Riden In Years.

Hi yall, back in the late '70's I raced BMX with Bobby Encinas for Shimano. Then moved on to drag racing, then midget racing and karts. Built a lot of race cars and street rods, but quit all that including riding mountain bike and dirt bikes when my Dad died and I took over the family biz. After a couple years my own health started down hill (genetic heart condition) so I retired early (age 45 at the time) to avoid the heavy stress caused by the biz.

Well a recent trip to the Dr. said I am now pre-diabetic and she said I need to get more exercize (or at least some) so I started riding Mountain bikes again. After a few 4 mile rides I realized 2 things, 1 I am way out of shape and this pedaling crap is for the birds and 2 I remembered seeing these motorbikes about a year ago and recently someone rode by my house on one so I plan on building a full suspension bike with a shift kit. I figure that a 4 mile ride pedaling is equal to about 15-20 of offroading with an

P.S. I am looking for a GT LTS farme or complete bike.
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