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Default Re: RAW engines - 80cc? Designed in America?

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post

I'm sorry if I created some sort of confusion.

I own a machine shop...I make the clutch actuators from raw stock.

I "DO NOT" buy and resell engine kits of any kind!

66cc, 80cc who knows? Maybe it's Hong Kong math?

I pulled mine apart and measured it accurately...The one I have is 69.3762cc, I bought it as an advertised 80cc.

I will say that the brochure scans that were posted the other day, on another thread, are the same as the brochure/installation guide I got with my engine kit from BGF.

Inside the front cover is a page that shows the specs for the 3 different engines 48cc, 60cc & 80cc.

For the 80cc it reads: 47mm bore X 40mm stroke = 80cm3 If you do the math it comes out to 69cc. The advertised bore and stroke are correct. Their math used to arrive at the cc value of 80 is not!

I received the same brochure with my supposed to be 80 CC. I just pulled it out to take a look. I was gonna post that someone had edited the brochure. But it says as you do : 47mm X 40mm = 80cm³. It was the EPA (hah!) sticker that stated:

This engine is certified to operate on unleaded gasoline.
This engine conforms to U.S. EPA regulations for small non road engines.
Engine Displacement: 65.9 cc
Date of Manufacture: 5/2008
Exhaust Emission Control: OC
Lubrication Requirements: JASO FC

Notice that the displacement is factual. (Emphasis is mine) I thought I saw this in the brochure but 'twas on the sticker on the magneto cover (which I lifted with oil). I thought I saved the sticker but now I can't find it. (Like half of my stuff.) Cheap Xerox copy with lick'em stick'em glue. It was not the legit embossed foil sticker you see on genuine certified engines.

Oh for some good ol' down home truth-in-advertising!

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