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Default Re: RAW the best?

Originally Posted by Retmachinist View Post
I have used three different kits from three different supplyers. One of them was a Raw. They were all basicly the same. I didn't seem to have any real trouble with any of them. The one from thatsdax seems to run a little smoother. I do replace alot of the parts, such as mounting brackets and chain tightner, with my own made in my machine shop.
Yes...Yes, In the shop you can make proper parts that drastically improve these kits.

So far I've had four from Bike-to-moped, (Chris in Kalamazoo), One from BGF, and two unknown...we bought them from an end-user that didn't need them.

I have no idea which Chinese factories any of these came from. Further more I really don't care.

The engine kit from Chris, (Bike-to-moped), worked great!

I disassembled the BGF engine for I have yet to run it.

The Bike-to-moped kit was installed with motor mounts we machined in the shop...And of course the clutch actuator. A few custom parts make all the difference in the world!

I've never cared what comes in the door as far as a kit, because I can make any part of it that looks a bit flaky.