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Default Bye bye happiness :(

Today started out fine, but on my ride today, I burned my left shin on the muffler and now my parents finally have an excuse to get rid of my ride.

I've only had the bike for a few months.

I'll be missing you guys as well as my bike.

I've negotiated to have one last ride though, then I'm selling it to someone who offered $300 but I refused. He's getting a great deal I guess. Good for him. No hard feelings bro.

I might be allowed to build another one when I'm 16 or something, but then I'll be learning to drive, and I'll probably be too busy.

So 2 questions. What should I spend my $300 on? (Thinking of a nice hybrid bike, or an iPad or something)

What should I do on my last ride? I hope to do it on 40:1 fuel.
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