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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by bigdaddy1996 View Post
I just got a sd stinger engine and new to this was wondering if theres anything I should do that will keep it running for a long time and also whats a good oil for it.Thanks
EVERYBODY has an opinion about what 2 stroke oil to use. I just use the wallyworld universal stuff and run it a little heavy. You'll want to run the oil heavy for break in anyway.
First, replace all the mounting studs with a better grade. Then pull the clutch cover off to get to the big clutch gear and the small bevel gear. Put a small amount of grease on these gears. Not too much, don't need grease on the clutch pads. Then on the clutch itself you will see a press ring with A BUNCH of small bearings under it. (look close,) If you have some type of syringe you can get a little grease into those bearings also. I just pull some of the pads out so I don't get grease on them and squish it in with my finger.And again, not too much grease. Grease on clutch pads bad.
This takes care of the clutch side. Replace cover.
Then take off the clutch lever case from the other side. If you spin the lever around it will come out of the case. Grease it, replace it.Then looking at the engine you will see a small bucking bar sticking out of the clutch side. Pull it out being carefull not to lose the bearing behind the bucking bar. Stuff some grease into the hole and push the bucking bar back in. Put some xtra grease on the flat part of the clutch lever and replace the case.
Get some good chain lube, replace the plug with a NGKB6HS and the wire and boot with a good auto grade and yer done. Put the motor on the bike and ride it like ya stole it.
If yer using the rag joint just take your time with it. Get it tight and right. A loose sprocket or bad sprocket alignment will ruin yer whole day.
Thats how I do it anyway. If I missed anything I'm sure someone will point it out.

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