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Default Re: Few newbie questions

Originally Posted by oldpot View Post
yes i was thinking the same , OK you saying that if i got a kit from dax that $90-100 more that few other i looked at with shipping,i would not need to buy any other thing to get the engine and bike working , and after a few days/weeks etc nothing will break off ,bend ,or stop working , ok you get 6 months warranty , as anyone got a dax kit and is the hardware upgraded etc and as good as they say as i would be interested if so.
Well, a lot of that depends on how you build your bike, even the best kit can fall apart if your build is poor. On the motor itself, a regular china girl kit right from china, the studs and bearing are the weakest links. There is a pretty good chance if you run into problems it will be with a stud or bearing or a problem caused by random debris left in the motor (or metal shards from poor casting/finishing breaking loose). So, if they do pull the motors apart and clean/inspect them, then build back with better bearings and studs that would be a nice step forward toward a better kit. I'm not 100% sure if all that is going to be done or not, like I said, you would think that would be put in writing on their spec page for their kit?

On the other stuff that comes with the kits, the Grubee kits I got had crappy chains that are bound to fail sooner than later if you weigh more than 100 lbs. I didn't care for the throttle either, plastic crap, I replaced that too cause it was really sloppy. The spark plugs that come with the kit are crap too, as well as the spark plug wire and boot. That said, I replaced all this stuff with nice quality parts for about $25. The chain and throttle on the DAX kits seem to be upgraded, though I am not sure if the upgraded parts would be good enough for me to hang on to or not? I like my metal mini bike throttle (hate the plastic crap) and went with #41 chain, which I am very happy with. The Grubee kit did come with a chain tensioner that had bearings, however, I run without a tensioner and love it that way. If you use your tensioner make sure you secure it well, one of the worst failures I read about with newbies is "my chain tensioner pulled into my spokes". I'm sure you can picture what that looks like, destroyed rear wheel and likely some kind of crash in which you may or may not injure yourself....
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