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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Wickedest1 View Post
Switched my lighting system from engine powered to rechargeable 6.4volt battery...had everything all set when one of my wires started smoking...apparently the wire was steel wire? I really must not have been paying any attention at all when I wired up the headlight...but its fixed, and all wired in...i even had the lights on for an hour straight with nearly 0.5volt discharge...not bad...but it took freaking forever and its nerve racking...going to bed still smelling the burnt flux..

Never a good feeling knowing something almost burned your bike/vehicle down, is it? lol
Did that to the radio in my project truck not too long ago.

Been riding it a bit here lately. Had one of my friends over monday, I warmed the bike up and let him ride it. He had ridden it before, but the carb wasn't working all that great and it was cold.
I didn't realize how loud my bike was until I could track him around the neighborhood just by the exhaust.

In other news, thinking about grinding and smoothing the head. Any suggestions?

Also, anybody ever done a stroker build on one of these engines?
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