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Default Re: Few newbie questions

Originally Posted by nightcruiser View Post
That said, I just looked at thats Dax website and was kinda surprised to see the "Made in USA" sticker on their picture of the china 2-stroke kit they are selling? Not sure why they would do that, maybe to indicate it had been broken down and re-assembled in the USA?
from what he told me that is the reason that it has the made in USA on it. I kind of had better then a phone convo with him I talked to him on skype where I have everything in print lol so I can reread it at any time. I know how to tear into a motor and rework heads etc so if I tore into a new motor Id be to tempted to get a dermal and start trying to hop it up long before it was broke in lol. another reason I picked dax is everyone Ive talked to that has used his kits gave high recommendations.
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