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Default Re: Few newbie questions

Originally Posted by Scott.D.Lang View Post
I've been researching this a lot myself and in about a month I'm going to go the Thats Dax kit. it does cost a little more then many of the others but Ive talked to Duane and he let me know that they go through the engines and replace all the hardware with grade A stuff. for my first build I don't want to tear into the engine at least not at first so that is why I'm going with the kit from Duane it will save me time and stop me from having to run all over town to get better bolts ect.
Congrats on doing your homework and deciding to buy from a forum vendor! That said, I just looked at thats Dax website and was kinda surprised to see the "Made in USA" sticker on their picture of the china 2-stroke kit they are selling? Not sure why they would do that, maybe to indicate it had been broken down and re-assembled in the USA? The kit certainly wasn't made in USA. Reading their specs page I don't see "upgraded studs and hardware" specifically listed, what they do list for the motor is pretty much what I got on the last Grubee I bought, "roller bearing at wrist pin with oil holes", "ball bearing idler pulley" both came standard, the chrome exhaust, throttle, 415 chain and longer cables seem to be upgrades over cheaper kits. They also note "high performance carb", the picture looks like some version of the NT or Speed carb, which will be easier to work with for a newbie than the CNS I got with my last Grubee kit.

It doesn't seem to say directly on their 2-stroke kit web page that the motor was broken down, cleaned up and reassembled with upgraded hardware, if they are really doing that then it's certainly worth the extra $$ for their kit (specially for a newbie or someone that doesn't want to wrench on their motor). I guess that is what he told you on the phone, but you would think upgraded hardware would be worth a mention on their specs page? As for the hardware, sells nice upgrade kits for the studs for a reasonable price in case you end up needing them. I bought from them to avoid doing all the leg work you were talking about and was very happy with the hardware they sold me and their service was excellent.

Good luck with your build and hope to hear good things about your DAX kit...
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