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Default Re: buisness cards

Nice design Paul, will match my T-shirt when I get one in a couple weeks. Dunno if you've seen it, but I started a similar card thread back in October '10 in the pic section, (is in my sig too). Started it after seeing a similar thread from way earlier. I forget who started it, but they were beauty full colour ink eaters So I tried something simpler. Over 2,200 views on the thread so hopefully someone printed out a couple, lols.

Still carry some in my wallet, but I'm in a small'ish town of around 11k ppl, so after handing out about two hundred over the 2+ years I've been here, word of mouth has most ppl knowing what their looking at and seeing some other riders around finally. Makes for faster store runs, less lengthy stops on cruises, etc... heh heh.

I'll pm for a copy of yours, at the time I didn't think to make an eBike one.
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