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Welcome to the forum. You're right, there's a pretty great bunch of folks here, you should be able to get help for just about any problem you come up against.

I understand the "cost cutting".. been there, done that. We went through and set everything (except the video recorder and a few other things) up on power bars with switches a while back, and got into the habit of turning them off when not in use. Anything that has a remote is never truly "off" it's actually "waiting" for the remote. We cut 100Kw/H per month off the electricity bill that way. I like the idea of solar and wind generation for personal use.. If you have questions about lead-acid batteries for storage let me know, I work for a battery company and might be able to get you answers when you have questions.

If you decide to go for a 2-stroke for your build, try contacting Zoombicycles. If they have what you're looking for in stock you could pick it up on a day trip up here. We have a small trailer (converted from a kid-carrier), and my wife's bike with a 48 tooth sprocket pulls it uphill without even noticing it.



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