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Default Hi all

Im so happy I found this place im 52 I used to ride back in the 70s and due to the economy and my poor health for the last three years just getting to the church on Sunday is hard ok do I buy food or do I buy gas for the car So my wife and I have decided we are going to minimize everything from going out to eat no more to solar and wind power for most of are lighting , laptops , TV , shutting off the Central heater and using wood heater only ,just using phone for purely Internet and have cell phones that there saved $100 a month and no more cable TV thats another $100 plus gone I can find almost anything on the net to watch even Alf lol Im working on a barrel washing machine that runs off of a windshield wiper motor I even make my own Beer and wine cost a 4th the price of store beer and just makes more then I can drink I seem to never run out this days lol and strong up to 14 % most beers are 5 to 9 % anyway I need to get around more then being stuck at home and there is no bus stop for 10 miles so Im going to build a motorized bicycle I looked into the laws here in Washington state and I can have
50cc or smaller and not go over 30 miles an hour and all I need is a car drivers licensee and thats it YAY so here I am with eyes wide open and a $700 dollar budget I'm going for the handa 4 strokes I'm old I don't need to go 40 on a bicycle I just need power for pulling small hills torque and a small trailer or I have seen some really cool lite weight side cars what you guys call a grocery getter I did notice about this forum that yall are really noob friendly and Im truly thankful ok Il post my first question after this in the appropriate place
wish me luck guys

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