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Default Re: I just purchased this bike online.

Originally Posted by Frogster View Post
Hey there Dave, I sent you a private message and email through this website with regards to your potential lawsuit against motovelo. I have been robbed blind by Aydin Ozan. I am out $875.97 USD, and he is now refusing to refund my money or send me anything at all in the form of motorbike product. He is blaming it on the fact that he claims to have lost money to other people who scammed him recently, and is saying if he refunded me my money he would be "paying out of his own pocket". He is telling me to go get a refund from my credit card company. I dont even have a credit card. Please reply to the email I have sent you as soon as possible. I feel like I have nowhere else to turn right now :S. Im a 17 year old guy from Ontario Canada, and ive been completely robbed by Aydin Ozan... I have proof in the form of a paid paypal invoice and multiple email conversations with motovelo.
I spammed a bunch of buyer beware over his videos. What an a**hole. Never trusted him from the first.

I had someone burn me on an ebay purchase. I'm in Idaho, he's in Illinois, and I bet he thought I couldn't do anything about it. IT turns out I might be going to Ill to pick up some music speakers, guess who I'm going to visit...with my baseball bat...
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