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Default Re: How do YOU go from a standstill?

I do the pedal/help her no matter which bike I ride. CVT, cen. or manual clutch. Just to be kind to mechanical parts. Is easier on every thing no matter what power transmission or plant you use or ride.

Funny story. Years back it was the popular conception that a ChinaGirl/HT could not take off via clutch alone. At a ride in CT, a member from here kept taking off with out pedaling. We were all dumbfounded. Later, here on the forum it became a topic of conversation and some one posted; (paraphrasing here) "It's a 10,000 mile clutch on a 1,000 mile life expectancy engine" Cracked me up.

But I do think I am the low end and do pedal at take off.

LOL @ ""What's a clutch?" (last option in the poll)
worst apocalypse ever

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