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Default Re: Friction Drive Drivetrain Clutch Diagram

Thats a similar thing I did on my Schwinn Point Beach remake. Though the belt slack was handled by a spring loaded idler. You asked for critique so here it is: Unless you are doing an inframe or something similar, you are basically defeating the purpose of the FD which is simplicity. I favor direct FDs if you are going to have a rudimentary drive why complicate it? The FDs beauty(in direct mode) is there is no formal trans, ie nothing to break if properly made(I have destroyed one roller out of all I have tried). Also roller changes are fast less than a minutes as I have said earlier. Thats even faster than the variably adjustable pulley I have tried. Now if you threw in a CVT that would be way cool! This is just my opinion. What I love about this hobby is the experimentation, sometimes we build stuff just to see how and if it works. From this perspective more power to ya, get to building and good luck!
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