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Default Re: RAW the best?

Hi Jim at Creative Engineering, Jack at Raw and Bike Berry.. I just got off the phone with Frank Fleeks in Houston. He has a Bike Berry / Raw 80cc Engine. He pulled the head and measured Bore at 47mm and stroke at 38mm approximately. Total Displacement of Bike Berry Raw 80cc motor is only 66cc's. You guys are claiming your engines are best , you are also claiming your engines are 80cc. Also.. I see 80cc on your Ad. Yet true Displacement is around 66cc. but Again. James informed me it is a Bike berry motor 80cc . But Bike Berry and Raw are the same Sellers .. Or? Is Creative Engineering also part of Berry and Raw? So.. What is the deal ? Please Level with us here in the room. Is there anyone that can verify these Parameters? James is the first I know of that has pulled the head and made physical measurements. We Double checked Bore and stroke and then did the math. Is it possible he was sold a 66-67 cc motor in place of the 80cc which you guys are advertising? I have never seen an 80cc motor in this style from Asia. Please Expound.. Please Explain how you can Advertise an 80cc motor when it is really only 66cc and sell as an 80cc motor. To advertise a 66cc motor and sell as 80cc is misleading and providing customers much less than expected. To misrepresent a product so severely does damage to every one. Sellers and buyers. Please Provide and explain how this can happen? Jim ? Jack? Please Explain. Thanks..

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