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Default Re: the perfect motorized bike?

Welcome to the forum Deft.
I have the 5.8 Morini on my bikes and I have no regrets. These motors are built to last. Yes the price is higher than a HT motor but it worth it every penny especially if you plan to use it for work. One of the bikes has a 56 tooth sprocket and it will climb up any hill but will top out at 35mph while my other one have a 47 tooth sprocket which tops out somewhere in the mid 40's. I just bought a 38 tooth sprocket from King's Sales and Service. Hopefully my bike will be able to hit the 50 mph mark and still climb hills. I recommend calling Dean @ Pipelyne. He can give you a price on a complete motor kit with the pipe, tank and brackets included. 408 279 2307
Good Luck and post pics of your bike when your done.
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