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Default Re: riddle me this...

Wow, I bet that thing is a hoot to ride. How fast will it go??????????? Inquiring minds want to know................
I dunno... I just woke up, and Im gonna go find out here in a minute or two! (I put it together last night after having a margarita)

I took it up to 25mph in the dark last night, but it was cold, snowing, and I almost hit a deer. I didnt want to go any faster, but, I was basically idling. I doubt it will hit much over 30 on the flats, but I did this cause I live in the mountains and hate running out of gear on the downhills. I also did this to slow the pedalling cadence down so you can pedal at a reasonable speed with the motor....not so you can go faster, but so when you ride by a cop, you can smoothly pedal at 70 rpm like you are actually a bicycle rider. There are several other reasons also, like getting the chain off the 11 tooth rear cog (so it doesnt wear out) and letting the engine rev at whatever rpm you want at whatever speed you might be at (no vibration, quiet, etc)....

I am basically typing cause its cold outside and I dont want to go out yet.... naw screw it, Illl be right back.

A full report will be shortcoming!

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