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Default Re: Bicycle inspection cost?

Originally Posted by Trey View Post
I remember owning three bicycles. A yellow Stingray, an all chrome Mongoose, and an $80 Huffy mountain bike I very recklessly rode down a 12,000' mountain, repeatedly one day, with guys on $2000+ purpose-built bikes. I was a hero for a week!
I do not remember how to break a chain, check a rim for true etc. I recently got a cruiser gasbike that sat unattended for a year or two. In the interest of safety, I'd like to go to a bike store (many here) and have it looked over as thouroughly as can be done. Should I expect to pay for such an inspection? I plan to take notes. And I'll do my best not to get sold the "extended warranty" lol
Most of the local bike shops don't really want a gas engine in their shop. You might try calling ahead to check and hope for a positive response.
Theres not much to servicing a cruiser bro. Everything that has a bearing, grease it. Everything else that moves, oil it. Get a chain breaker so you can fix a chain when needed. And when putting it back together don't scrunch any bearings down too tight. You can't really mess it up too bad so I say go for it. It will be a re-learning experience for you.
If it was a multi-geared mountain bike then yeah, a LBS would be the way to go. Adjusting gears and derailleurs can be a PITA. But there's not all that much to a cruiser.
P.S. Another thought... Do a craigslist search for people building and selling motorized bikes in your area. I'm sure you can find someone to help you out and maybe even find a riding partner.

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