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Default Re: riddle me this...

Funny..I never thought about that.

I can't tell the difference in noise between the right chain with the tensioner versus without. The pulley is a sealed roller bearing, not friction. I keep it at shallow angles to put as little deflection on the chain as possible. It never made noise as a derailleur jockey, and I never even anticipated it to make noise as a tensioner pulley either, but, maybe the clutch is so loud anyways it IS making a racket and I just cant notice. Either way, it is NOTHING like the racket from the tensioners in the basic chinese kits. Seems dead quiet. A set of two sealed bearing pulleys like this run about $15-$30 (i cant remember exactly) at performance bikes.

Which brings up two questions for ya (Paul)...

1. How long does that chain stretch for? I know the engine slowly has to settle, yet mine has been clamped securely around some water bottle cage mounts (meaning it physically can't slide down the frame), and yet on every ride the chain seems to noticeably stretch. Even after I havent "messed" with the mounts for several hundred miles, it still gets looser every ride. This was before the demented eighteen speed conversion. Any thoughts?

2. Also, (if you can remember off your head), What are the thread patterns for the five bolts the chainrings mount to the freewheel? M4 1.00 *50mm? If I can get some longer main bolts, a call to Andy might be in order for some aluminium bling. I think my super top secret tooth number combos are gonna be a winner.

Thanks for your help.
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