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Default Looking for a 48T Freewheel Sprocket

I'ver searched around, and found old posts with outdated weblinks, so I would like some input from other members.

I'm building a gas bike that's chain powered, I'm using a big 80cc 4-stroke engine, so I'm going to use a 24-inch Solid Plastic 7-spoke wheel with both left and right hand freewheel threads for strength. Only problem is that Staton sells only a 16T freewheel for this bike wheel.

However, to get my required gear reduction, I'd prefer a 48T freewheel, and want the ability to pedal without rotating all my chains and centrifugal clutch while the engine is off or idling.

This would be my 2nd motored bike, I'm not interested in a kit, I'm going DIY the whole way, and want a more reliable ride than before.

So who would have a good 48T freewheel sprocket setup for the planned wheel?

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