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Default I'll never stop "improving"!

Hey guys! My friends call me Skinny, I live in north louisiana. I used to have a Honda Shadow 750, had to sell it when I moved back from SoCal. People around here aren't quite as aware of motorcycle, but I needed to be on two wheels! I started looking into motorized bicycles 2 years or so ago, then my daughter was born. A few months ago a coworker got a kit for his bike, and the interest was peaked once again! I got my kit at the end of december (xmas present for myself!) I've been running it for about 3 weeks now, finally getting a taste of post-break-in performance! It's still not broken in completely yet, but it is running good. I got the basic 80cc/66cc kit from bikeberry. I'm just wondering what I can do to get optimal performance. I'm running the NT carb. I guess what I'm asking here is for advice on: spark plugs, fuel ratio and aftermarket parts. Not looking to go more than 35mph, but I want better low end speed, or what I like to refer to as more get up! As well as just a smooth running, long lasting motor. I've been lurking around here since before I got my motor, so I've learned alot thanks to 2door and the others, just looking for more user specific answers to my questions. Any and all help is appreciated!

I can't figure out how to add them on this thread, but you can check out my album on my profile to see pics of my bobber build.

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