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Default Re: need info on getting new motor

Originally Posted by zearo View Post
ok the way i get it the bike motor are junk and a toy nothing to us just junk from china will be closing this out and trashing the moter i have
No, you don't get it really. The motor itself is not necessarily "junk". The 2 stroke motors can last for awhile if not abused and properly maintained. 30 miles a day, especially if trying to go top speed the whole time, would be considered abuse to one of these tiny little 2 stroke motors, so its not surprising that your engine failed. The main problem that I see with 2 stroke kits, however, is not the engine itself. Its the poor engineering and quality control of the parts that are used in the kits, which fail often and when it starts to add up, are not cheap to replace. That being said, a 4 stroke engine will typically last much longer, IF NOT ABUSED. I stress not abused, because if the oil is changed when it needs to be, and the motor is not constantly being run at redline (max rpms or in other words top speed), you can get years out of a 4 stroke engine, and if you buy a quality kit, the parts will not need replaced as often. If you want to give up, that's your choice. But if you do a little research and ask around, you can build a reliable bike.
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