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Default Re: need info on getting new motor

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
I've come to the conclusion that motor bicycles aren't good for beginners with little experience, if you need it for dependable transportation. If you fit that description you'll be better off with a scooter, or moped.
Sorry, but I disagree. I started in exactly the same boat that the OP was in, needed a cheap way to get back and forth to work on my own because I was tired of depending on others for rides. I had a lot of trial and error with my first kit, and I didn't even know that these forums existed when I started back in 2009. I had no mechanical experience whatsoever, and the only mechanical help I could get was over the phone from my dad or my grandpa. I started putting the bike together in August of 2009. I had trouble with a broken petcock from the factory, issues with chain alignment, and incorrectly installed my rag joint. After finally getting everything worked out, I had an accident and my rear wheel was damaged beyond useability. I waited till around Christmas for a new wheel due to shortage of funds. When I got my replacement wheel, I kept that bike on the road for over 6 months after that, even drove it 50 miles to move back to my hometown area after my ex-wife and I split up. I gave it to a friend, who promptly destroyed the frame lol. But if I can figure it out mostly on my own, so can anyone else.
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