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Default Bicycle horns?

Hi everyone: I'm thinking about getting a bicycle horn for my 2 stroke MB. It has to be loud enough to be an effective audible warning on the road and loud enough to be heard over my rather loud engine. I don't want ones that chirp or ring a bell. The best one I have seen so far is called the AirZound (video here). You can pump it up with air pressure and it makes a nice loud horn like sound. The only problem with it is that you must mount a rather large air tank on which I have no real room for. I saw one called the Horn-it (video here) that runs on batteries and makes pretty loud beep sound. It's not as loud as the AirZound but it still seems pretty effective. It also has a setting for a chirping sound which seems kinda useless to me but it has much better mounting options. Has anyone put a horn on their MB? What did you get and do you find it effective? Any new horns on the market these days anyone can recommend for MBs??
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