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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Decided to refurbish my Ht. This is the third bike the engine has been on over the course of almost 4 years. It was starting to get a little "slap" noise so it was time. New piston, rings, wrist pin and bearing. And of course a new crank. I left the crank bearings alone except to add some high temp grease. They were the Japanese bearings and were still smooth and tight. I did the same for a buddies engine last week and it's running GREAT. Hope I get the same results for mine. (I think I got all the parts back in, haha.)
And as long as I had my baby apart I went ahead and did a few things I've been putting off, Like tube protectors, New motor chain, Steel braceing on the rear fender and a better front tire that's NOT A WHITEWALL, (I hate whitewalls.) I replaced the rear tire a couple weeks ago. I should be ready for a test ride tomorrow afternoon.
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