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Default Re: Emergency Kit Thread

My circa 1988 Leatherman (in an actual LEATHER belt-case), reflector-tape covrered backpack with a toolkit pouch: 1/4" ratchet w/ 6" extender with 8mm & 10mm socket (brake/accoutrement nuts and mounting/banjo-nuts), 1/2" ratchet with 14mm & 15mm socket (head & axle), Park bike-tool (assorted hex rods and tire-wedges). Quart of premixed 2-stroke/castor (20%) with reverse-siphon measurer, empty half-pint oil-container (when pumping up, I squirt a little gasoline in there and mix it up with the 2-stroke...then into full-tank), some extra spark-plug, extra magneto-coil, spare brake-cable, flat repair kit, hand-pump, bailing wire, electrical tape, velcro straps, assorted nuts studs washers and lock-washers, SteelStik, RadioShack digital multimeter and IR thermometer (with laser! (beew! beew!)), mini BUNGY CORDS!, and batteries for the lights.

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