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Default Re: complete newbie--tell me the best way--i'll listen

1) Get an EZM kit or a 4G T-Belt drive kit from bicycle-engines dot com.

2) Beach cruisers are the most popular closely followed by mountain bikes with no rear suspension. Rear suspension really makes things a challenge because as the rear wheel moves up and down the chain tension changes from too tight to too loose.

3) Somethings you should not do:
A) Have only one brake on the bike, especially if it is a coaster brake.
While not necessary, I wish I had installed disc brakes front and rear.
I have direct pull rim brakes right now and they do get the job done, but I quickly learned that better brakes make a much safer ride. Sturmy Archer drum brakes are good too.
B) Do not use a super cheap bicycle as the tubing they are made out of and the welds, ect are not up to the strains and stresses of motoring.

C) If you ride at night get yourself a retina burning bright headlight.
Search amazon for a Cree XML T6 based headlight. The single LED ones are very good, the better ones have 3 LED's in them.
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