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Default Re: Emergency Kit Thread

I'm new to gasbikes, and was looking around before I started a thread on this. Should summer ever come, I intend to ride this bike on forest service roads. There are many that are closed to autos but are very passable in my area. Gonna end up camping, I know it! I'm good to go on personal survival, my question is: Planning to go far, trying to keep it light, and wanting to eat your cake too, what do you carry in your repair kit? 2 inner tubes- not just a patch kit? Etc etc. I'd like to hear from everyone- carry nothing to carry half the shop.
MTB Moto- I like that list. "a few spark plugs"? I've got a 49cc 4-stroke with a Grubee stage 3 gearbox, do I need to do that? Some
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