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Default complete newbie--tell me the best way--i'll listen

hi everybody. brand new to motorized bikes. I've been lurking and doing some reading up on the forum for a few days and would like some condensed wisdom/advice on how to start. i'm all ears

I want to put a 49cc 4-stroke engine on a bicycle. I really want to do it right the first time so i am completely open to ideas. i'm not looking for high end speed or acceleration. i want reliability, efficiency, and namely, a quiet motor(or ways of deadening/silencing it). decided on 4 stroke because of longer shelf life/more reliable.

1) what is a great 4-stroke motor or 4-stroke kit? I am a complete newbie so I am starting from scratch. would it be best to get a certain motor and get better mounting kit/other parts? or is there a great 4-stroke kit?

2) what is the best kind of bicycle to put one on? a beach cruiser? a mountain bike with suspension? best tires? i really just want something COMFORTABLE and not terrible to pedal when engine isn't on. I'm used to road bicycles(preferance for singlespeeds)

3) what is something i should absolutely not do and something that you wish you should of done when you first got into putting a motor on a bike?
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