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Default The Happy Time Motorized Bicycle Teardrop Tank Is Not Flowing.

I have dual 43cc Mitsubishi 2.2hp engines on my bike "Mr. Hyde", each with their own 30-ounce tank. It was very difficult to fill more than half their tanks on flat ground. I had to literally run the bike up a tree in order to add gas after less than 20 miles each day. It was impossible to fill to maximum because the bike had to be standing on its back tire and perpendicular to the ground.

Sooo, I installed a Happy Time teardrop tank on the top bar to feed both engines. The three tanks' fuel filters were removed and a FRAM inline filter installed after the petcock. Below the filter lies a t-fitting which fed 1/4" hoses and 3/16" steel lines towards the engines' tanks. Brass barb fittings were installed atop the engines' plastic tanks to link to the auxiliary teardrop tank.

When I filled the teardrop tank for the first time, the fuel did not flow down into the FRAM filter. I had to fill the engines' tanks directly thru their caps. Fuel finally filled the filter the next day, but has never flowed into the tanks.

The teardrop tank and FRAM filter is above the engines' tanks, but the lines might be below the engines' tanks' level. It's strange that absolutely no fuel siphoned downward while I'm riding "Mr. Hyde".

I'm carrying a 4 foot hose to siphon-feed both tanks from the teardrop tank until I solve this fuel delivery problem

Can anyone figure this out?
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