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Default Re: For you non-belivers- 79cc predator sent to California

Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
Ok- I just looked at the specs on the Predator manual-

The shaft DOES spin counter- clockwise- or the correct direction for the normal motor sprocket left side

It says it gets 3600 RPM- anybody know how that compares to a china girl?- what kind of back sprock are we talking for say an equivelant 36 tooth?

For $99 this looks pretty good- I've seen the platforms sold separately, but I'm sure you'd need wide cranks- AND a centrifical clutch-

This is the same horsepower 2 1/2- I had on my Rupp mini bike back in the late '60s- I'm not sure how fast it went before I put a Muculloch 50 chainsaw/ go cart motor on-

but sure it didn't do over 30- a bike would probably go pretty well with one of these and the right gearing- a shift kit for certain.
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