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Default Re: hello from huffycruiser

OK now i am in a bind again literally. OK so now i have the chain on the bike and the chain adjuster in place. Looks good......but i took it out for a walk to let the sprockets line up and get free movement of the chain; however, now the motor has shifted away from the frame putting the muffler back in the way AGAIN. also now the front adapter plate motor mount cover is not centered to the frame. this does not really concern me as i am going to have a custom plate and mount cut for it but i was hoping for some advice. i am going to add a self tapping screw into the chain adjuster due to the small diameter of the frame there to keep it from "rocking" under power i take it that a torch and some time will move the muffler out of the way of the cranks. Aggggh! i did order a nice center stand that attaches to the standard kick stand hole for it at least it will not fall over when i park it! my head is spinning but i have not given up yet!
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