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Default Re: For all the wrong reasons

How far do you travel to work? If its more than a few miles, definitely motorize. I would also recommend if you want to go the cheap route, a 2 stroke kit is the least expensive to start with, but I would recommend a bike with gears in case something goes wrong on your way to and from, then at least you can pedal. Leave in enough time to get to work early, and if you should have an engine related problem, as long as you can still pedal you won't be late. If you want something with less chance of breaking down, I recommend a 4 stroke, but its a little more expensive. You can get a 2 stroke kit on ebay right now for $135 with free shipping. A 4 stroke kit with the least expensive reliable transmission is going to run you $279 plus shipping, but it will not have as much chance of breaking down as a 2 stroke if you dont abuse it, and will last much longer as well.
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