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Default Re: For you non-belivers- 79cc predator sent to California

Originally Posted by 16v4nrbrgr View Post
Isn't the 79cc the California motor, everywhere else you can buy the 99cc? Lifan does the same thing with their new vertical 98.
Harbor Freight does not sell the 99cc anymore - only the 79cc. There maybe some 99cc engines available locally, but once they are sold that is it.

According to Otto's post #34, he spoke with Lifan Products USA and they do not have anymore 98cc engines which has been superseded by the 79cc.

It doesn't mean Harbor Freight or LPUSA will not sell the 99cc or 98cc engines in the future. It's anybody's guess if and when they do.

The larger cc engines do have a California version at Harbor Freight.

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