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Default Re: Few newbie questions

Hi Oldpot-

I think you're heading in the right direction-

go on the cheap at first- because you may want to change stuff later- While I appreciate the sponsors here- and got my very first kit from one- I don't hesitate to buy from ebay- and have good results there- if something is wrong- they'll fix it-

after you're set up with a build, you may find it's the vendors that have the other parts you may want- ebay is fairly stock in that regard.

I have two builds, one is a Huffy, and I bought an identical Huffy frame last summer for only $10 on craigslist - just to have a spare- and it was there cheap- but now I've just about all the extra stuff I need to build that up too.

The one thing about your choice of bike might be that it's probably coaster brake- I personally like to build off of a freewheel hub in the back- I think it's easier to put a sprocket on- and some of them have a built in ridge there like it's just built for that- my first Micargi did-

but then again if it has brazed on cantilever brake fittings, you may be juggling the brakes later if you want anything but 26" wheels- because the cantilever pads usually don't raise enough for larger wheels.
I like 700 myself, but only because I like to get a really good road bike roll out of my motorized cruiser frames

I'd recommend a china girl off of ebay- you might want to get a motor with a big mount- so it might be best to query them- because a big mount is the easist and no adapter needed. I'm not sure if ANY of the other vendors have them yet.

From them on just find out what you like and don't like- I've always elininated the tensioner and it typically seems a source of noobie angst-

Get a good chain splitter right off too- the one at boygofast and luckyyearlybird is solid.

good luck

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