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Default Re: 45mph at ~7600rpms

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
2-strokers power better at low RPM's where 4-strokers like the high revs for the power band.

If you want to see perfectly balanced high performance 2-stroke motors look at large scale model airplane motors, not enough power for real speed on a motorized bicycle without gears but pretty cool.

kerwin50, Jackshafting a motor kit with a shift kit so it uses the pedal gears really isn't something for a first time builder, it costs as much as the whole motor kit itself, and no picnic to attach right either.

If you can pull it off right however gears change everything, even just a 3-speed hub. If you have ever drove a manual shift car picture a 3-speed car but you are always in second gear. It sucks off the line and tops out too quick. That is a stock direct drive MB.
It really seems that a shift kit will help the 2 stroke motor out.
I had been leaning towards a 4 stroke, but if I can get a 2 stroke to do the work and be fairly dependable I may go that route.
I can understand the cost of the shift kit but I'm really thinking that way.
I know I would hate boggy take off's and limited speed.
Will a shift kit fit a frame with a 1 piece crank?
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