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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Here's my tips about the first time starting the motor which I learned after
just successfully building my first 66cc motorized bicycle and having many
(8) unsuccessful attempts to start it:

First make sure the chain is adjusted, aligned. Walk the bike around, a lot,
and watch the chain, from the top and from the back.

If you feel good about it, open the gas line valve, push the float bowl button
to pre-fill it (if your carb has one) a second or two.

Move the choke lever up to choke it.

Then get pedaling at a good speed, pop the clutch and at the same twist the
throttle to give it gas.

What a thrill it was to hear that motor start firing!

The bike starts every time using this method.

Also, after it starts give it some twists of the throttle and then start lowering
the choke lever to open it up.

Last thing, as it warms up you can start adjusting the idle screw while
releasing the throttle.

Might as well show off my bike. =) The used bicycle cost me $20.
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