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Default Re: Can My Chevy Alternator Run My Bicycle's Cigarette Lighter?

eBay Motors: New Very Small Alternator Mini Generator 15-100Watts (item 110314123848 end time Nov-28-08 04:29:28 PST)

Well the mini-alternators arrived yesterday. No instructions or diodes which I paid for. It has two identical 20-gauge leaving the alternator. The plastic pulley is part of the alternator housing, so the entire housing is part of the rotor, not stator.

The 1/4" endplate is stationary with three mounting holes and the wires protrude from its center hole. This means a 2" elongated hole would need to be bored through the Staton aluminum housing instead of a 1/2" elongated hole. Scratch that mounting location. This puppy needs to sit atop the rear friction drive assembly on my girlie cruiser, and above the 5:1 output shaft of the Staton gearbox on "Mr. Hyde".(First, the outside-drive gearbox needs to be modified to CREATE a 5:1 output shaft, but that's another thread.)

Since the alternator's maximum output occurs at 1,000 rpm, a gear reduction is needed to keep its revs down as the engine spins at 8000 rpm. Sooo, using a 1.25" pulley on the Staton's 5:1 output shaft and the alternator's 2" pulley would produce an 8:1 gear reduction to do the job.

Now to find a pulley and belt to match.

Since the gearbox's shaft doesn't spin when the engine idles, the bike would need a very strong but easily activated bikestand to prop the rear tire AND the rider off the ground and keep the alternator spinning at a standstill...or have a battery onboard.

With friction drive, it becomes more complicated because of a lack of gear reduction. Because the 2" alternator pulley is part of the rotating alternator housing, it would have to be belted to a 1/4" pulley to attain 8:1 gear reduction.

There is no such thing as a 1/4" pulley.

Sooo TWO jackshafts and the proper pulley combination would need to be installed to create 8:1 reduction.

Hmmm, not too simple as I presumed. Doable, but more involved.
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