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Default Re: FD Roller, Material?, Method?

Trust me the roller basically doesnt wear. They actually get a kind of polished finish. I seal them in and out with polyurethane in case I get caught in the wet The tires run around 1500 miles. I run the standard 2.125 cruiser tire, Ive tried a lot of different types and these wear well, are common and relatively cheap. I run 30lbs pressure for ride quality and the roller settles in to the tire better. The 1.95 and smaller tires are harder to get as good a bite on. I had a knurled metal roller and was supprised how fast the knurls rounded off. Good down force is a must other wise tire wear is higher due to slippage. The weight (22lbs) of my Lifan was not enough. I will try to post a pic in the next few days of the roller with over 2k miles on it.
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