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Default Re: Painting my bike

Well I did 2 coats of color on the bike last night. I'll tell you what, that metallic charcoal is dead sexy. I want to paint my car with that stuff, lol. I also did a couple coats of the silver on the gas tank. It turned out a little more chrome-ish than I though it would, but I think it'll look good. Got a few bubbles/drips unfortunately, but I'm not worried since I'd like to make a new gas tank during my 2 weeks off of work around Christmas (we'll see how that works out).

Realized I forgot all about the handlebars. So I primed those last night as well. Not even bothering to take them apart. They're set the way I want them, so I just sprayed the bar/stem combo as one. They'll get the charcoal, and maybe a silver accent or two on the stem.

I was planning on using a couple cans of clear that I had leftover from a previous project, but I'm glad I checked last night. Turns out it is a matte clear. Guess I'll have to go buy a nice glossy clear today or tomorrow. I'm hoping to find a super tough clear, almost like a lacquer or epoxy or something. Not sure what my options are for clears though, so we'll see.

haven't taken the cranks off yet. Still wishy washy on whether or not I want to buy the tool (I know I should). I should probably get them off before I do the clear.

Sorry, forgot to take pics last night. I'll have to take some tonight and post them up tomorrow. I'm seriously in love with this color though. Rustoleum metallic charcoal. Holey moley it's pretty.

Thanks for the compliments guys.
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