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Default Re: The good times are over.

That's not a bad idea. detachable tank! the theft just means i can get started to my next project a bit sooner. Unfortunately money is in short supply at the moment so it will be a while before I get started. i was thinking about building a chopper with the mini moto engine, and getting motorbike parts off a mate of mine for to get her registered. Or going down a completely different route and build a recumbent reverse trike. I don't know weather it will be petrol or electric i don't know yet. for to have a bike stolen every year for 6 years. that's down right catastrophic. i really feel for you. i've had 1 bike stolen and its cutting me up, but 6!!!! I only wish now i had a forge and branding irons for the scum that roam the streets eyeing up targets, biding their time, watching, following you. then bang! everything you've worked hard for is gone.
thanks everyone
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