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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

This is a picture of my Hercules tricycle I took not long after I first put it together. I'm busy with overhauling and rebuilding it at the moment as it sat unloved and got rusty while I was not very well over the past few months. Don't worry it shall look lovely again, I like it too much to let it rust away.

Range is a problem with my tricycle, but it mainly gets used for local journeys so i can generally work around battery charge times and the trips out that I have to make. It's a workhouse though and has been used to haul sacks of compost and potting mix, fence posts, bicycle frames and spares away from the council recycling depot & etc etc......
The hub motor is 24volt 250watt and has been totally reliable. Some folk might say that my tricycle is underpowered, but I built it that way so I have to help out with pedaling which keeps my doctor happy because I'm supposed to get regular exercise. The pedal powered rear wheel has a two speed Duomatic hub with coaster brake, but I would like to change it for a 3 speed Sturmery Archer coaster hub during this present overhaul.
I want to experiment with fitting up an IC engine on my tricycle, but I hadn't considered the possibility of running a generator to charge the batteries. Something to think about I suppose.

Ha ha, I think I'd be arrested on the spot for trying to steal national treasures if I tried to take one of Burt's old pistons. I still enjoy watching the movie on DVD even though I've seen it dozens of times.

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