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Default Re: Where to find lead sheets cheap

Hey Joe what is pc-7? Is it like JB Weld?

I was gonna half wrap the tube with some steel strap and use E-6000 to fill the void between the half wrap and the engine mount. E-6000 is an industrial RTV adhesive. Very strong. The result is a fitted mount similar to auto/truck suspension bushings.

A metal/epoxy to fill the void might be better, though.

This will take some ponderin'. Once the E-6000 goes on it will be extremely hard to remove. At least the rear mount can be replaced. Anybody know a source for replacement rear mounts?

For the rear I spent an hour or so with a (same size as seat tube) tube wrapped in wet or dry to fit the rear mount to the seat tube. If I move this engine to another bike (knowing Murphy) it won't fit the seat tube on it's new home.

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