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Default Re: Few newbie questions

Originally Posted by oldpot View Post
i been looking at bikes and seen a good vibration huffy at best buy online free shipping $89 minus 25 gift card, i got $65 +tax i very keen on that bike at the price what you think??(cheapest one i seen before that was $133 kmart.
trey you said engine running ok but you said ##It's got a stage3 gearbox and I believe the centrifugal clutch pads are worn out## you mean its broke?
minecraft its my first build i learning i don't want to spend a lot at this time hope in future i will, this is a big learning step with a cheap bike and kit to tinker about with and hope ride a few times and work things out on the way .

Ah I gotcha. Just make sure to get a good bike. Especially with the 2 strokes, and they can vibrate ALOT which puts a lot of stress on the frame.

Stay safe
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