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Default Re: Clever Bike Names

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
Wow. Its not your problem if people get offended because you call your bike something that has definite racist connotations? Ok so you don't have a nameplate for it. But you don't care what anyone on this forum thinks? As I said before, you can call your bike what you want, but I don't think anyone on this forum wants to hear it being said. I know I certainly don't.
That is why there are word censors on here. Besides, if something that sounds derogatory to you but has been shown to mean something else, offends you then I think you allow your emotions to be easily bruised. One persons opinion is also not the holy grail of truth either. As an offensive name, I think it is quite sexy and vulgar representing the purpose of the bike I built the name for - a test bike that I intend to run into the ground. It isn't a bike that is beautiful, or adorned, totally utilitarian, and meant to be abused for the sake of learning and experience. So, the bike truly is a b$$tch, and it's blackness has nothing to do with the color of someones skin. Anyway, back to work. I didn't know this would mean so much to people.
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